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Fused Quartz Wool

Fused Quartz Wool has the same properties as pure quartz glass. The fibers are non-flammable and incombustible. The fibers maintain their usable mechanical properties up to 1050°C. Fused Quartz Wool is available in the following forms:

Wool Felts

Coarse 9µm Nominal Wool

Bulk Wool consists of woven basic fibers between 5µm and 15µm. The arrangement of the fibers gives the wool its curly appearance, which prevents compression of the material and improves the desired insulating qualities. The fibers are flexible and have excellent torsion and bending resistance. Standard specifications are:

Size Before Rolling & Pressing  L 3700mm x W 1600mm x H 150mm

Fine 4µm Nominal Wool

Fine Wool consists of woven basic fibers between 1.5µm and 7µm. This product was developed to meet severe technical specifications required by markets that demand a larger specific area. Therefore, this wool offers more efficient thermal conductivity than our standard bulk wool.

Felts (Mats)

A Felt is quartz wool that has been impregnated with a starch binder to provide a stable sheet that can be handled, cut or fabricated to exact sizes. The binder can be removed by heating the Felt to 900°F for 1 hour, or 500°F for 24 hours. Binder content on the Felt is 4–5% by weight. Standard specifications are:

Thickness 5mm (0.2 in)
Weight 80 g/m (2.3 oz/yd)
Density 0.016 g/cm (1 lb/ft)

Note: Other sizes are available upon request. Maximum size is 3000mm x 1000mm.

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